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Oct 27, 2012 2:30am PDT
innovation and hard work, that blog can become the business itself. that's what some california-based entrepreneurs did. what are they blogging about? tiny houses. >> in 1999, i built my first tiny house and moved in and have been living small ever since. >> house builder, jay schaefer, believes in a simple lifestyle. he lived in a self-built house smaller than some people's closets. >> this is what i call the great room. i do most of my work at the desk. on this side of the great room, i've got the entertainment area. >> he loves sharing his vision with visitors, both in person and on his blog called tumbleweedtinyhomes. on the other side michael jansen is simplifying his lifestyle. he is building an even smaller house, using discarded wooden pallets. like schaefer, jansen publishes a blog called tiny house designs. while retaining their idealism, they each have found ways for their blogs to generate income. >> this year, we haven't sold a single house but more plans than ever. >> after last year's housing bust, schaefer and his partner, steve weissman, don't build houses anymo
Oct 20, 2012 5:30am EDT
is necessary, you bring it up. having a work place in northern california where it is very open dialogue, i don't think it is necessary within us. and you don't want to make it a bigger issue than it it. >> thank you. good luck over the next few weeks. thanks a lot. >>> still to come, your clients want you to pay in 90 days but vendors want you to pay in 30. what do you do? it is tip number 40 in our new book, how body language can improve self-confidence and help you make the sale. on every one of our cards there's a date. a reminder... that before this date, we have to exceed expectations. we have to find new ways to help make life easier, more convenient and more rewarding. it's the reason why we don't have costumers. we have members. american express. welcome in. >>> okay, here is a great way to not really cost efficient. any time you buy something for your company, see if you can use it in multiple ways. this comes from angela couple who started home aroma. for example, this is the packaging for the caviar eye cream. look at size. this is also a travel size for other produc
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)